Ranveer Singh rushed to hospital


We always hear that actors are demanding and think of themselves over commitments but it doesn’t apply to everyone. There are some actors who treat their profession like a prayer and give it a first priority. The same example is seen on the sets of ‘Padmavati’ when Ranveer Singh injuries himself in a sequence.

It’s been reported that in an intense sequence Ranveer Singh got hurt on his head but he was totally into the character that he didn’t even realized it till his head start bleeding severely. The crew looked at it and gave him a quick aid on the set and rushed him to the hospital for proper treatments. He got some stitches on his head and after being treated at the hospital he went back to the set of Padmavati and completed the shot which was left in the middle due to the cut on his head. He is completely a dedicated actor.

All this shows that he is a complete actor with full of passion and energy that he can even forget all the pain for his acting and commitments. He is such a sport and energy that even pain can’t stop in performing his duties towards fulfilling his dreams. As per recent reports Ranveer is totally fine and went for a vacation in London to refresh himself.

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