29 Reasons why you should consume Avocados


Avocado is also known as ‘Butter Pear’ and Alligator Pear’. It is a very useful fruit which has numerous health benefits. In every serving, it almost contains 20 types of vitamins and minerals in it. They have a very little amount of sugar and tend to fight against many infections and diseases. Here are some of the benefits and gains which avocado provides.

1. It acts as a natural sunscreen.

2. They contain a good amount of healthy calories.


3. It has some dietary fibers which help to maintain the good health of the digestive track.

4. It has nutrition abundance.

5. Avocados contain more potassium than bananas have.

6. They are loaded with fibers.

7. Avocados have some powerful antioxidants that prevent your eyes to get damaged.

8. Cancer can be prevented by the consumption of Avocados.

9. Avocado may help in getting relief from Arthritis.

10. Eating avocados may help you in losing weight.

11. As avocados are good in taste they can be incorporated in many food items.

12. Avocados may help you in stabilizing your blood sugar.

13. By consuming avocados your unborn baby and your heart can be protected.

14. Cholesterol can be controlled by the intake of avocados.


15. By regular consumption of avocados, your aging process can be slowed down.

16. For getting a healthy, glowing and a good skin you should drink avocado juice.

17. If you have an itchy scalp or dry hair, avocados will help you to solve this problem.

18. Dandruff can also be treated by avocados.

19. It helps in getting smoother and silkier hair with preventing hair damage.

20. It acts as a nourishing body lotion which nourishes your skin.

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21. Its consumption protects you from liver damages.

22. It provides you dental care.

23. The face marks can be treated with the help of avocados.

24. Avocado has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

25. It boosts your immune system.

26. Avocados remove ulcers and provide you relief.

27. They help in removing kidney stones.

28. Helps you in developing your brain health.

29. Avocado has some contents which help in muscle-building.


Avocado comes in a variety of colors and tastes. All of them are very good for health and benefit in various ways.

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