Posture: Do’s and Dont’s

Posture Do's and Don'ts

Ever since your childhood, you have been taught to stand and sit straight, walk properly, sleep properly, and so on. But still coming to adulthood many of us do not have a proper posture because of which many of the problems related to bones and spine may occur. From a very early age, people tend to have a bad posture by which their personality gets affected. Also, bad posture is a big cause of getting back pains, knee problems and many others like them at a very early age. To stay away from such problems here are some do’s and don’ts which you should follow:

posture of the body
correct posture of the body



  1. Do sit and stand properly with back straight in a comfortable position along with your foot properly placed on the floor.
  2. Do make yourself comfortable in every one hour if you sit and work for the whole day.
  3. Do follow the 20/20/20 rule. It states that take a break in every 20 minutes and then look away from your computer screen for at least 20 feet far away for 20 seconds.
  4. Do have a regular plan for exercise. It is very necessary for your body to be fit and in a good posture.
  5. Do bend your knees if you lift or pick up any object.
  6. Do stand in front of a mirror at least once in a day to check out your way of standing.
  7. Do eat a proper and a healthy nutritious diet.
  8. Do Yoga at the start of the day. It will help you a lot in increasing your flexibility, being fit and having a good posture.
body posture
The correct posture of back


  1. Don’t sit with your legs crossed for a long time as it has a bad impact on the posture and also becomes a cause of leg deformities.
  2. Don’t force babies to walk at a very early age. This can have a really bad impact on the body and the problems of flat foot, knock-knees, bowlegs and such other deformities may arise.
  3. Don’t lie on the couch, chair or any other furniture for many long hours without any movement.
  4. Don’t sit with your wallet, phones or any other such articles in your pockets as it may cause a shift in the spine.
  5. Don’t skip your meals. Do have a healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.
  6. Don’t keep your body stiff. Always do stretching in regular intervals of your work.
  7. Don’t carry too much of load on your shoulders.
  8. Don’t stop outdoor activities, workouts, and exercise.
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body posture
The correct way of sitting

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