Priyanka Chopra the main hero of Baywatch


When someone from our country make names in other country we feel proud and if its from entertainment business then means like a pro for us. We have a lot of expectation from the work of that person as they represent us in some other place. Similarly we our proud of Priyanka Chopra as she made people learn about India and always stood as a strong and independent woman. She is a global icon after Quantico and people appreciated her for her acting skills.

She is making her Hollywood debut with movie version of the famous TV series Baywatch. Her movie hit the theaters all over the world and Priyanka Chopra is praised for her performance. But the critics are not liking the movie due to which the movie is not able to attract people and earn as per expectations. Critics all over the world are giving negative comments to the movie which is making the movie sink like Titanic, but for Priyanka Lover there’s a good new that is critics are praising Priyanka like hell. Everyone said that Priyanka is the sunshine of the movie and the only character to watch for. But as it is said movie is made with every character so let’s hope the movie don’t sink much and at least cover the losses.

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