1. He has written this amazing quote in his bio which can inspire million of people.
    “Man on mission – to live the best life possible come what may”.

  2.  He Regularly updates his profile with these amazing photographs. And with the photographs, he doesn’t only show his poses but he shows his recent adventures and love towards his sons.
  3. His Captions for these photographs are so perfect that the photographs itself become so live. Some of his captions are damn funny and sometimes within few words he describes his photo very creatively.In this above picture, his caption was
    “Ridz: Is it supposed to do that?
    Ray: No dude, you broke it.
    Ridz: Should we tell dad?
    Ray: No way. We need to hide this.
    Ridz: He’s going to see!
    Ray: Nah, we’ll go tell him we are hungry.
    Ridz: But he’s going to see!
    Ray: Arey we’ll talk about food. He’s not going to see anything else.

    #Machievellisinthemaking #foodismyblindspot” 
  4. If you are a big fan of him and want to know his every recent event you should definitely follow his and switch notification bar on. His recent video on Instagram is so beautiful you should go and check it.

  5. Last but not the least, Isn’t he yummy to look at.

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