Are you a bookaholic? Here are 10 Reasons to prove that you are a true bookaholic.


Hello there people,

who is reading this article must be thinking, am I or aren’t I?

So, let’s find out together!

1When you wake up in the morning, do you find your book beside you sleeping? And when you do your brush do you recall what did you read last and get curious about what will happen next?

2Do you tend to wake up early so you can continue reading your book during morning bath?

3In your spare time do you think about what kind of book are you going to read after completing this book besides what will you eat next?

4Are you always confused how many books should be carried during the traveling? and you always end up compromising with your clothes?

5Do you ever feel that you want to get to the end but don’t want to complete the book too soon because you have started living your favorite character?

6Do you quote from your recent book in a normal conversation and wants to find out if the person understands what are you talking about?  And it gets more interesting when the person quotes it back and you two become a soulmate and talk about the book on WhatsApp all night long. Did it ever happen to you?

7On weekends, Do you switch off your phone, laptop and find a cozy place in your room where no one can disturb you and first you smell the book and start reading it until it says the end?

8Do you regularly visit crossword bookstore and find it the most peaceful place?

10And last but not the least, you spend more money on the books than you?

After reading this article if you say “THIS IS TOTALLY ME!” then yes you are a bookaholic.

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