Isn’t it strange that on an average a woman spends 6.25 years of her life with periods in total and yet it is one of the most rampant taboos in India. There is a notion of impurity attached with Periods in India.  Instead of educating women about Periods the society tries to shirk away from this topic. But we heard you!!

Here are 14 FAQs about periods that you always wanted to know –

1. What is the Period blood made of?                                                                        Ans: Period blood is not just blood. This blood contains sodium, calcium, phosphate, iron, and chloride, the extent of which depends on the woman. It also contains shed of Uterine lining along with cervical mucus and vaginal secretions.

2. What is the right age for periods?                                                                          Ans: The average age is 12. But there is nothing as “Right Age” to have your periods, each body has its own schedule. Most girls start to menstruate between ages 10 and 15 years.

3. Is brown period blood normal?                                                                              Ans: Yes, in general, brown period blood is nothing to worry about. Many women experience dark brown or brown blood at the beginning of their period or towards the end of it. Don’t panic. The clotted brown or dark brown color is simply an indication that it has been a while since the bleeding happened.

4. Can virgins use tampons?                                                                                      Ans: Tampons don’t take away your virginity and nor do menstrual cups. You will still be a virgin if you use these. It’s time to get those myths busted!

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5. Is PMS really a thing?                                                                                             Ans: PMS stands for Pre Menstrual Syndrome. Almost 85% of women experience it every month. The symptoms range from mild to severe. It can range from acne and headaches to depression and mood swings. So the next time someone complains about you being cranky a few days before your period, tell them you are PMS-ing!

6. What are the foods and drinks that can make your period worse?                         Ans: While you are on your period there are certain foods that you should avoid to save yourself from those awful cramps and uncomfortable bloating. Avoid having fried foods, sodas, canned foods, dairy products, caffeinated drinks, alcohol.

7. Is period blood safe for the penis?                                                                         Ans: Yes, it is. It’s all a stigma that period blood is impure and can infect the penis. However, precautions should be taken as you are more prone to STDs during periods.

8. Can body weight affect the period flow?                                                                 Ans: Being underweight or overweight definitely affects your period flow and cycle. Your body weight affects the level of estrogen in your body which in turn affects the flow of your period. Try to get your weight under control in order to have a better period.

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9. What should you eat during periods?                                                                   Ans: Eating the right food can not only help you in periods but can also reduce the symptoms of PMS. Having fruits can help you a great deal in combating those sugar cravings, drink lots of water, have small meals, fish, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds can also help you get relief from cramps and pains.

10. Are there any ways to delay the periods?                                                             Ans: There is no natural way of stopping your periods early or delaying it. However, there are some birth control pills that can help you in this matter but these pills carry their own side-effects. It is always better to consult a gynecologist before taking any such pills.

11. Can I get pregnant during periods?                                                                     Ans: Contrary to a popular belief you can get pregnant at any stage of your cycle. To avoid that it is advised to have safe sex and use necessary precautions. And as I’ve already mentioned that you are more prone to STDs during this time of the month.

12. Is delayed period a sign of worry?                                                                         Ans: Usually delayed periods isn’t a cause of worry. No one has their periods in exactly 28 days. But it is better to consult a gynecologist before reaching any conclusions as there may be some underlying issues. Otherwise, it is quite general to have delayed periods or to miss a few cycles.

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13. Can you masturbate during periods?                                                                     Ans: Yes, you can. Women are hornier this time of the month anyway. Some women find that having an orgasm helps relieve their cramps and other PMS-related pains.

14. How long does it take for periods to return post pregnancy?                                Ans: Pregnancy gives you a long break from menstruation. A woman’s period typically returns about six to eight weeks after giving birth. It also depends on whether you are breastfeeding or not. In vaginal delivery, it is usually advised to use a pad instead of a tampon for a few months.

Its time to get rid of the stigma that period blood is “gross” and shouldn’t be talked about. In fact, it is the very part of our existence. Spreading awareness about periods would also provide insights on reproduction, birth control and overall health of women. If there is anything else you want to know about Menstruation leave your questions in the comment section. We will get back to you!

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