Parents are God’s blessings upon us. Most of us forget that as we are growing up, our parents are growing old. They do so much for us, they are the very reason for our existence. But as we grow up, we get so busy with our lives that we forget the sacrifice they’ve made for us. Here’s presenting 7 little gesture that you can do to make your parents feel loved and special.

1. Spend some quality time with them: This is one of the easiest things you can do yet most of us find it difficult to spare some time for our parents. Trust me, they don’t demand much from us. Try making it a habit of spending some quality time with your parents, talking to them and don’t forget to keep your gadgets aside while doing this.

2. Celebrate their birthdays/wedding anniversaries, etc: We put so much of effort in celebrating and planning the birthdays of our friends, boyfriends/girlfriends. But we forget that our parents are the ones who were there to make every ordinary day special for us. And this is our call to make their special day grand. Make them feel special and loved the way they did it for you!

3. Call them regularly: If you live in a different city, then make it a point to call them at least once a day or more often if you can. Although this might surprise them initially but they are going to love this change in you. Just ask them normal things like, “How are you?”, “What did you do today?”, etc.

4. Help them with daily chores: Too busy with work and your own life? Doesn’t matter if you get only the weekend off, what matters if your little help to your parents. Teach them to use new aged gadgets, help them in grocery shopping, etc. No matter how much they say that they can manage things on their own but you taking a little time off to help them would definitely bring a smile on their face.

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5. Never shout or yell at them: There may be times that you and your parents don’t agree on the same thing. I believe this will happen a lot of times in your life. But at that moment you need to keep your cool. Try to understand their point of view and talk to them about what you feel as well. The age and generation gap is expected to take its toil on the parent-children relationship. Try being polite.

Mother and Daughter Talking

6. Apologize to them for going out of the way: As mentioned above, if in a heated discussion with your parents you lost your temper and said things that hurt your parents, then you should definitely apologize. Let’s be honest, there are so many times we realize that we were wrong but refrain from apologizing. Accept the fact that it won’t make you any less of a person if you apologize to your parents.

7. Don’t be a dictator: Avoid dictating your parents. Stop telling them how to behave or how to live. Just as you, even they need their space. Stop nagging them in everything they do. There is a difference between politely correcting them and being a dictator.

These are just a few ways but if you actually think about it there are so many little gestures you can do for your parents. Remember that no matter how hard you worked for your success, you wouldn’t be able to achieve it if it weren’t for your parents. If this article in any way helps to make a little difference in your life, we would be pleased. Do share your experience with us!

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