A perfect and problem-free relationship does not exist. But if your relationship is hitting a new low everyday even after your persistent and honest efforts then it might be a warning sign that your relationship is falling apart. Here are some signs that the relationship is on it’s way out, and that it may be time to move on.

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    Lack of communication.

    Communication is the elixir of any relationship. It is fundamental to building a strong relationship. If the other person isn’t as involved in the communication process as they should be or you both don’t feel the desire to communicate often then this might a grave indicator of falling apart. You both are so busy in your own worlds that you have no time to express your feelings to each other.

  2.  You don’t picture your future with them anymore or vice-versa.

    Few years down the lane do you see yourself with your current partner? Or do they picture you in their future frame? If the answer is No, then its time to rethink about your relationship. Because if you are serious about your relationship then you both essentially become an integral part of each other’s future planning.

  3. Your partner is avoiding you. 

    There may be times when your partner is genuinely busy but then it may also happen that they are busy only when you need them. They hang out perfectly with their other friends or family but never seem to have time for you. Do you miss the times when you were their number one priority but now you are just an option? It hurts.

  4. Loss of interest on your part.

    There are chances that you are interested in anything but your partner. You don’t like them being around. Is it similar to a constant buzzing by a bee when they’re around? Nothing they do seems to please you and you just feel like getting away from all this. To put it in simple words, you don’t care anymore.

  5. The intimacy seems to be lost.

    You both say “I Love You” less to each other or rarely make love or never seem to exchange sweet pecks. Despite your efforts, the other person shows less or no interest in the art of making love. And it feels like the intimacy has evaporated somewhere in the air. It may also be a case where you both don’t feel like showing love to each other and prefer keeping your hands off each other.

  6. You both fight more than necessary.

    Anything you say easily irritates your partner. They never seem to take your view into consideration and blame you for everything. Or you both just don’t seem to understand each other anymore. The sense of mutual understanding is lost.

  7. Keeping too many secrets.

    You both have lately started to keep too many secrets from each other. Secretive behavior can damage your relationship heavily. This may also be due to lack of communication as mentioned earlier. There may also be lack of trust that keeps you from sharing your secrets. If the trust is dying, the love is dying too.

  8. Either of you are exploring other prospects.

    This is a high sign that your relationship is definitely falling apart. Your relationship definitely needs saving if either of you have already started looking for an escape or a new muse.

    If while reading the above points in most of the cases you thought “This is so Us” then without a doubt you need to start working on your relationship, talk to your partner about it, put in all your efforts if you really want it to survive but if nothing works or you no longer feel like being in this relationship, then you need to start preparing yourself to move on!

    P.S. If you need any help in saving your relationship or in moving on, feel free to leave your queries in the comment section.

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