10 Times Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Gave Us Major Couple Goals.


With everyone’s eyes majorly around the young and so-in-love couple of Hollywood, Zayn and Gigi, popularly known with their ship name ‘Zigi,’ it’s merely possible to ignore the major amount of swooning they give us, leaving us all cry over our nonexistent love lives. With their names in every celebrities’ mouth and their major amount of PDA on social media and outside, it’s obvious that they’re the most trending power couple on the internet. Besides, both of them being extremely gorgeous just adds on much to their explicit romance. So here’s a list to celebrate the beauty of this sexy Hollywood couple and the times they made us go gaga for their cuteness.

  1. The First Polaroid Picture Of Them Cuddling That Zayn Posted On His Instagram

Remember the time when the couple broke the internet by sharing this cute picture? Yeah, how could we forget this iconic moment, right? So, here’s a little throwback to our favourite time from 2015 when this young couple finally confirmed their relationship to the world. Grab your tissues peeps, you’ll need them later.

  1. The Pillow Talk Music Video

Here’s to the massive hit debut by the singer which gave him the number one spot on the billboard and made him the first UK artist to have his debut at number one. Only was the song not a massive success but the music video rose a huge amount of talk as well. The couple’s steamy scenes and glorious make out was a talk for the world. The video currently has more than 700 million views and people still aren’t able to get over the hotness of this elite.

  1. The Infamous Vogue Photo-Shoot That Left Us All Weeping At Our Single Selves
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A throwback to this iconic moment from 2016 when the couple collaborated with the prestigious Vogue photographer Mario Testino and shared these beautiful photographs alongside the cute video of the documentation. We could only go ‘awwwwww’ with every picture and swoon over how perfect these two human beings look together.

  1. The Met Gala Moment Of 2016

The time from 2016 when the couple made this iconic debut at the red carpet and left everyone awestruck with their beauty and costumes. Seriously, how hot could a couple be? Apparently, they proved that there can be another red carpet breaking couple apart from Blake and Ryan. And we cannot lie, we loved every bit of their young romance and PDA.

  1. The Versace Campaign Appearance

This extravagant moment from September of 2016 where the young couple gave us a massive deal with the matching outfits and ‘eyes only on each other,’ it’s barely possible to not keep staring at all the paps pictures and weep our eyes out. Zayn even went on to later post these pictures on his Instagram and gained massive likes and comments from the fans telling them how gorgeous they are. Well, who are we kidding? They already know.

  1. The Behind The Stage PDA Of The Couple At The 2016 AMAs

Back to the AMAs 2016 when Malik won the award for the best new artist where Gigi was hosting, the major eye stealing moment was when the couple kissed adorably after Zayn took off from the stage, receiving his award, and Gigi congratulating him for his big win after going solo. Well, if that isn’t the definition of adorable, we don’t know what is.

  1. The Instagram PDA of the Couple on Gigi’s Birthday
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Remember the time when the couple posted these pictures on their Instagram accounts and Zayn wrote ‘Happy Birthday to my everything’? This only made the fans screaming at their phones with awe and left us all restore our faith in love. Everything cute.

  1. The Hawaii Trip and the Selfie

A throwback to the time when the couple took their vacation to the beaches of Hawaii and shared this adorable picture on the internet to leave us all star struck with their love. We’re not crying, someone’s just cutting onions.

9. The Second Vogue Photo-Shoot

Like the first one was not enough to leave us all awestruck, the couple went on to have their second edition of Vogue together and honestly, the pictures speak enough of their young love and beauty. It was only a matter of time until the pictures took the internet by storm and gained praise from all the stars, including Justin Bieber who took to his Instagram to share the picture and write ‘Love this’ under it. Honestly, same Justin, same.

10. The Couple’s Matching Halloween Costumes Of 2017

Here’s to the time when they decided to give us heart attacks by wearing the matching Halloween costumes of Spiderman and the Black Cat. Way to go. We love a real-life power couple anyway.

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