5 Things To Do At Home On Holidays To Be More Productive


If you’re having the feeling of being held captive at home and pretty much confined to the four walls of your room for the holidays, then trust us when we say this, you’re not alone. Apparently, much of the world’s population find themselves stuck on their couch lazily on the holidays, because they are never enthusiastic enough to move out of the house and socialize. But you don’t need to worry anymore. We have got your back. If you think that holidays are only for wasting your time sleeping all day and spending the night on social media then here’s a rather-to-do list that you can try your hands on in order to make your holidays less boring and more fun, even productive. Let’s get started.

  1. Journaling

Even though the name might turn you off a little because you think journaling is cheesy or such, there are pretty much different types of journaling to choose from, and all of them are exciting and creative. The first and the most common form is, of course, to pen down what you feel and vent out your emotions, but if you’re kind of getting void of any emotions this season, you can rather try a different route and start using journaling as a means of entertainment. You could print out pretty pictures, paste them unevenly, write down your favourite song lyrics, movie quotes, poetry lines or anything and embellish them with pretty drawings, clip arts or washi tapes. You will be surprised by your own creativity at the end. Journals do hold good memories as well, after all.

  1. Take Up Online Courses

Holidays are the best time to work on your extra skills since you never get the time out of your daily schedules to learn something new in your workdays. There are plenty of free online courses on the internet that you could try your hands on. If you’re a technology freak then you could search up for the various IT courses available online, if you’re more into the commercial fields then you can search up for courses related to that, or if you’re more into literature and writing then you can search up courses related to writing, and if you’re more into crafts and art then you can take up courses to learn calligraphy, art or anything. The point is, there are literally thousands of choices on the web to spend your time on. Get started on it.

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  1. Learn A New Language

If you have always wanted to work on your Spanish, Germany, France or any other language but always had an excuse for work to come up with, now is the time you start upon it. You could go for books that are available everywhere, maybe visit the nearest library or order them online, search websites where they teach languages for free, or connect with your internet friends and make deals on learning their language from them in exchange of yours. It’s a great way to spend your holidays, polishing your extra skills. You never know when they come beneficial to your life.

  1. Make DIYs

Even though it sounds kind of boring, but trust us, once you get there, you’ll not be able to get up until you’re finished. Making DIYs will not only help you be more productive but will also improve your creativity. You can take any old scrap piles of yours and won’t have to spend much on anything to create something out of your box. You will be surprised to see how your works can do magic on their own. Also, if you’re having trouble thinking of how and what to begin with, you can also check out YouTube tutorials for it.

  1. Read The Book Someone Recommended You

If you have been bailing on someone’s suggestions for a long time, now is the time you finally read the perfect book your friend has always recommended you. It might be out of your taste or not your type but at least you will gain some extra knowledge or explore a different field of literature with this. You will even be able to get to know the person better because people’s book tastes tell a lot about them as well.

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There are plenty of other things that you can do during your holidays. Like try going out of your taste and listen to a different artist or genre to advance and expand your choices. You might get surprised by your own likeness of different songs that you would otherwise never listen to. This would not only improve your knowledge in music but will also help you blend in with people who have different music tastes than yours.

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