5 Winter Outfits To Draw Inspiration From


With the chilly breeze and snowy aura around the world, winter has always been the cosiest and chilly season of the year. Kicking off the winter with some fashion statement is rather a tough job to do since you must take care of your comfort zone or else you’ll be freezing to death (not really, but yeah, it’s chilly outside girl). But don’t you worry child, we are here to cover you up. Since winter is known to be the most festive season of the year, with homecoming, Christmas, new year and much more in packs, it’s important to have your checklist of outfits ticked in order to get the style and comfort blend in together. So, here’s a list of some cosy winter outfits that you can draw inspiration from.

  1. The Sweater Dress

Dresses being the major deal for all the girls around the globe, here’s a better way to wear them more comfortably even in the days of winter, without sending the sickening chills through your body. Also, not only are the sweater dresses super comfy, they even make a great fashion statement if picked the right way.

2. The Basic Jeans And Hoodie Outfit

What never goes out of style is everyone’s favorite style of basic jeans with a crop or a boyfriend hoodie. From celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Bella Hadid amongst many others, rocking it in the streets, we can only be happier to bring this trend into being.

3. The All-Black Everything Outfit

If black is your absolute favourite colour and you can’t have enough of it, then winter’s the best chance for you to avail the privilege of wearing all black without tolerating the heat of the sun. You can go for a black leggings or sweatpants and hoodies look or even dresses in long blazers, or literally anything. We swear you’ll look good.

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4. The Basic Loose Sweaters

The much-loved form of fashion, being the comfiest and warm ones, it much suffices to say that winter means sweaters. And to be able to rock them in a fashionable way is even more fun. Knitted sweaters are much on trend now and we couldn’t be happier.

5. Blazer It Up

If anything could be tagged the perfect kind of clothing ever, we would surely give the title to the blazers. Not just are they super sleek, sexy and iconic but much comfortable than any other cloth wares.  You could literally pair them up with anything and by anything, we absolutely mean anything.


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