Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Make Headlines With Their On-The-Beach PDA In Hawaii


It has not been of much private talk that the two co-stars who are a couple on the TV show portraying the character of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, seemingly being called ‘Bughead’ by their fans, in the Netflix Original drama series Riverdale have had sparked their dating rumors since the ending of the first season of the show. The two have always mostly stayed calm and silent about their relationship and never gave out much gossip to talk about but the fans of the show have been quick to “ship” them as a real-life couple and since then, Instagram and Twitter has been flooded with apparent “evidence” and edits of the two stars dating. The two co-stars have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship yet but the fans are already convinced that they are dating and honestly, it’s undeniable that both of them have gorgeous chemistry, both on-screen and off-screen.

Both of them have shared lots of social media affections and were first rumoured to be dating back in July 2017 when they attended the Comic-Con weekend together. Later on that year, both of them were spotted hanging out together alongside Cole’s twin brother Dylan Sprouse in the beach and shared plenty of stories on their Instagram. Cole being a professional photographer has also shared plenty of Lili’s pictures on his Instagram amongst the other models, that he has photographed throughout his journey of photography. Lili took on to her Instagram on Cole’s 25th birthday to write “To the man who has shown me more beautiful places in this past year than I have ever seen in my whole life. Thank you for all of the adventures and here’s to much more to come.”

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Even though they have never confirmed their relationship, it only suffices to say that their real-life friendship is just as fascinating to see as their relationship in the show. While the whole world is seemingly enjoying the cool breeze of the winter and is packed with their warm clothes, the two beaus apparently seemed much enjoy the sun in the beaches of Hawaii where Cole was caught wearing red board shorts while Lili was sporting a white two-piece swimsuit. Both of them looked warm and cosy and enjoying the sun and have just given away the fans another reason to cry over their beautiful chemistry. For one and all, we can only wish the two a great vacation and hope to see more of them together. Even if they are yet to confirm their relationship, we are already falling head over heels for them and are only wishing to see much more cute and romantic moments of them together. For now, here are the pictures of their cute little date on the beach.

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