Is Our classroom equal for all?


    There is a saying that first learning happens at home, then you learn at schools. But, have we ever questioned the design of our classrooms where we study from childhood till you will to study.

    There has been a transformation in our classroom’s structure, from the blackboard to digital classroom. But have we ever thought that in a critical way that we are being constructed in a rigid design of it.

    If we think of our class which has been with us since childhood has always placed teachers at a higher point, CCTV only for students surveillance, mostly has been a one-way Communication. Even if you see chairs with writing support has always been on the right side, what about left-handed students.

    There has been always a notion of classroom as a four-wall structure with gate, window, a chair, blackboard, and a place for a student facing the teacher.

    Let’s question it’s design and think in a critical way.

    Latour’s studying of relationship between producers, machines, and users demonstrate how certain values and political goals can be achieved through construction and employment of techniques.

    Similarly in classroom design which we see now a days can be seen in either a authoritarian or  egalitarian framework. It’s on us how we construct it in.

    Let think of a fully high technology classroom which has CCTV Camera, Automatic Door, biometric attendance, inbuilt screen, laptop, air conditioning and the place for a teacher is in between which will gives an equal angle for all as assume.

    So the new media which are in classroom has some features and we assume they will work for what they are, therefore humans carry there work accordingly. But in same space, we can try to make everyone equal and have equal benefit of new media for teacher and student.

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    Taking an example of automatic door, it will open for same space for each and everyone no need to push it, so somehow door is suggesting no need to do that they are in service, its not that anyone has to help for opening door if your hands are occupied, its equal for all.

    Similarly, with in built screens for all students, they don’t have projector in which everyone has to sit according to there heights, here its been straight away at your place just we have to look down.

    The sitting arrangement of teacher and student are such in a way that teacher has to teach in 360 degrees, everyone is at equal space, teacher’s table is in between with rotating chair, can rotate to all directions.
    In fact, the CCTV camera is capturing everyone equally as it is in corner and angled like bird view.

    But is it really possible to make an egalitarian kind of classroom? Will authoritarian design exists yet we try to make it equally space for all.

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