So, apparently, it’s not just us who likes to fangirl over the celebrities and as much as we were fangirling over Kelly Clarkson, it turns out that she actually has been fangirling over Meryl Streep since the age of 8. Too much of fangirling here?

The Piece by piece singer might be one of the leading music artists in the industry but that doesn’t stop her from acting and freaking out like we do when we meet our favorite celebrities. And when it’s Meryl Streep, who would be able to not freak out?

The precious moment took place on the Red Carpet where Kelly was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and the arrival of Meryl Streep caught the singer’s eyes and she couldn’t keep herself calm anymore. Kelly instantly mumbled, “Oh my god, that’s Meryl. That’s Meryl, that’s Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep.” She, later on, went to stand in front of the legendary actress and confessed to her about being such a huge fan and looking up to her since the age of 8. Meryl Streep had her share of smiles and they both went in for a hug where Meryl cupped Kelly’s cheeks and honestly, we can’t help but admit that it was one of the cutest and most precious moments in the Golden Globe Awards of 2017.

Stars might come and go in the red carpets but such an encounter of two of the most important ladies in the industry and a starstruck moment of a fan meeting her idol will stay in our hearts forever.


Check out the video below —

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