Over 30 killed in twin car’s bombing in Benghazi: Libya

Photo Source: BBC Around 30 killed in Benghazi's bombing including civilians an d military personnel.

At least 30 people got killed and dozens got wounded in twin car bombing in the east Libyan city of Benghazi on Tuesday, senior security figures and civilians included, officials said.

The calm which was recently Libya got has been shattered in its second city, the scene was prevalent until late last year from 2014.

The first blast was in Al Salmani district, outside a mosque when worshippers were leaving evening prayers.

The second blast happened from a Mercedes parked opposite side of the street, hitting the ambulance and causing a higher number of casualties, it occurred after 15 minutes of the first blast when health officials had arrived on the spot.

Health officials said:

“the toll could rise because some of the wounded were in critical condition.”

It has imposed strict military controls on Benghazi and the other parts of Libya.

A senior intelligence official, Mahdi al-Fellah is among approx 50 who wounded. Also Ahmed al- Feitouri of the investigation and arrest unit attached to the general command of East Libyan security forces., officials said.

There has been declared three days of mourning after Tuesday’s attack.

The fight in Benghazi was part of a border conflict developed in Libya after former ruler Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power and killed in NATO-backed uprising 2011.

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