Real but not the real Space: Cyberspace

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This was the day when I was preparing for my 12th boards and I found my sister sitting in the loo with her mobile phone and my first question was ‘who takes the phone in the loo?’, she said ‘its common’, I am not laggard who is not even on facebook’.

I replied: What is so interesting in that?

She: How will you know till you use that.

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And I made a facebook account hence entered the real but not real space, and still stuck to it, sometimes I deactivate the account but everyone is like I am not able to tag you or not able to reach you. This is how it works sometimes it becomes peer pressure more than your wish. Everyone has become so much dependent on new media for calling a person from a different room we do text on Whatsapp, Facebook or give a missed call.

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If we go 6 years back when I just heard these words like facebook, Orkut Gmail etc but thought awkward that how can you talk to someone whom you don’t know what is the use? it’s culturally wrong and all those stuff.

But nowadays it is the first way of communication I guess for us people don’t ask your name instead ask, “Are you on facebook and by which name?” , as if I am whole of two people in one.”

We can say that Mc Luhan who said that the new media are “not bridges between man and nature” but nature itself, we can clearly see how it has made the environment surrounding that anyhow indulges into it.

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