Saba Qamar lashed out on morning talk show

    Saba Qamar lashed out on a morning show. Image source: Zem tv

    Saba Qamar Hindi Medium actress who cried on a morning talk show while talking about rape and murder of Zainab in Pakistan. While whipping out on failure law and enforcement of the country she said whom should she blame and who she shall ask for justice.

    “Who do I demand justice from? I am crying like she was my daughter or my sister. She is not even my blood relation but I am crying. Her family must be dead inside.”

    Zainab was 7 years old kidnapped, raped and murder in Kasur, Pakistan and found in a garbage bin near her house after five days f heer missing. This was 12th kidnapping and rape case to be filed in the same place seen in Pakistan in last few months, the tragic ending of Zainab has triggered all over the social media and even mass protest has been seen in Pakistan against the rise4 in rape cases.

    “My self

    “I am a girl

    “My name is Zainab

    “My father’s name is Amin

    “I am 7 years old

    “I live in Kasur”

    These were the last words of Zainab Ansari — the ripple effect of which can be felt in India too. Dated January 4, these words are a bitter reminder of a life cut short, terribly.

    Saba broke down and started crying after she started imagining the pain and feelings Zainab would have gone through. Expressing the disapproval of law and government Saba said:

    “If the law is not with us then it’s fine. If we catch the culprit then we will do what we want to. If we have to protect ourselves then why we should follow the law?”

    You can watch the entire interview here :


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    Even the anchor of Samaa Tv in Pakistan hosted the news bulletin on 10th Jan,18 with her daughter showing the grief in the country is going through.“Today, I am not your news anchor Kiran Naz. Today I am here as a mother. This is why I am sitting here with my daughter,” said the defiant anchor, expressing her solidarity with Zainab.

    The news bulletin of Sama Tv which was shared by Omar R Quraishi:

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