YouTubers You Might Be Sleeping Upon All These Time


YouTube has definitely become one of the biggest social platforms to share your talents, lifestyle, funny moments, traveling diaries or literally anything. As one of the highest growing media and means of entertainment, millions of the world population are engaged in watching the YouTube videos and some of them are busy making them. From daily vlogs to weekly ones, lifestyle vlogs, travel vlogs, ranting videos, prank videos, challenge videos, makeup tutorials, DIY videos amongst many others, we love to watch other people sharing their daily tapes of life. There are many major YouTubers who have made it much big on the platform and even earn a living from them, like Lily Singh, AIB, Liza Koshy, Pewdiepie amongst many others. However, there are many other YouTubers who might not have got as much attention as they deserve, because to be honest, their videos are much awesome like the others. So, here’s a list of some amazing YouTubers you might have missed out on. Trust us, you’ll love their videos as much as we do.

  1. Zachary Smith

Even though he is a little too young, trust us when we say this, he’s way too funny than most of the world’s population. This young boy has earned over 550,000 subscribers over time but honestly, we only think he deserves more. He mostly does rant videos and vlogs and they are hilarious. We are only looking forward to seeing more funny content from this youngster and rise more into his fame.

  1. Lhakylia

Even though she is only mostly popular in Nepal and India, this girl honestly deserves the world to recognize her. She is not only a very attractive girl but has a very goofy personality which makes her all the more likable. Her videos are hilarious and her vlogs are awesome. She is also a fitness enthusiast and has a great deal with makeup. She also posts short funny videos on her Instagram and makes us laugh to the edge.

  1. Summer Mckeen
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Not only is she a very beautiful girl inside out, but her goofiness and the weird and fun side has made everyone falling for her, head over heels. She makes videos from lifestyle vlogs to makeup tutorials and also challenges videos. She has a great sense of humor and her videos are very entertaining.

  1. Kat Marie

Even though she currently has around 18,000 subscribers and have not a long ago started her channel, it suffices to say that she has a great potential in vlogging and her videos pretty much range around travel vlogs, beauty vlogging and lifestyle vlogging. She is also a dog lover which just makes us like her even more. Her videos are much exploring and makes us want to go for traveling as well. If you’re a travel enthusiast then she really is the person to follow up now.

  1. Joey Gatto

Adding to his irresistibly good looks and funny persona, his videos are hilarious and his goofy and crazy personality makes us laugh till our tummies hurt. Bonus point, he’s also a great singer and has his own recorded songs like “I can’t delete you” which has many RnB vibes. What’s even better? He sounds exactly like Zayn Malik when he sings. So, you really should not waste much time and check him out already. We bet you’ll love him.

So, where’s the wait? If you’re done fondling over your phones or computer for nothing and have already exhausted watching all the videos of your favorite YouTubers then take help of these suggestions and start watching them to have a good laugh, and learn and explore more. Enjoy.

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