10 Essential Tips To Make Live-In Relationships Successful

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 The season of love is here and maybe by now, you have found your Mr. Right. However, you are in two minds whether your boyfriend or girlfriend will make a perfect husband or wife. Well, live in relationships provide you with the results of that litmus test, whether you are made for each other forever. Live in relationship provides you with the scope of taking an informed decision before you take the plunge. Since there is no marital obligation, you have a comfortable space to keep up the spark in the relationship alive.

Here are 10 essential tips relationship-experts suggest to make live-in relationships successful-

  • Don’t Expect Marital Bliss from a Live-In Relationship: The best thing about live in relationships is that two individuals of different personalities and temperaments coexist under the same roof. They are able to enjoy their own space knowing that they are not answerable to their partner for anything. So it is best that partners give each other healthy space and not expect marital authority from the live-in relationship.

  • Share Household Responsibilities: Gender stereotyping has no place in a live-in relationship. For instance, don’t expect your girlfriend to cook for you all time, neither girls should depend on their partners to do the groceries or other tasks like cleaning the car etc. Remember, you are not married, so partners should take turn to do the regular household chores.

  • Avoid Pregnancy At All Cost: Unplanned pregnancy can ruin the purpose of a live-in relationship. It can put unnecessary pressure on the relationship. The idea of live-in relationship is to get to know your partner better. So don’t let the worries of an unplanned pregnancy bring down your romance quotient.

  • Be Clear Why You are In a Live-In Relationship: For many live-in relationships is a stepping stone towards marriage and for some it might be just a practical reason. Be clear to yourself and your partner why you have taken the decision to move in together. Live-In relationship should be a decision based on love and deep emotion. If you don’t know the future of your relationship then going in for a live in relationship can cause complications later. Since live-in relationships create a lot of expectation regarding the direction a relationship can take.

  • Keep Finances Separate: Partners should not feel forced to support each other financially. Don’t let money matters spoil your relationship. Partners should sit together and sort out the financial matters amicably. Don’t let your partner feel pressurized financially as it may affect the relationship in the long run.

  • Be Clear About Visitors At Home: Always let your partner know when your friends or family members will come over to meet you. Be clear about the time or days they will put up with you. If your partner is working then don’t expect that he or she will stay back home or come early to attend to your guests. Don’t take your partner for granted.

  • Practice Tolerance: You should let go of each others’ faults or bad habits. Every relationship calls for adjustment and a lot of patience, especially it is a key ingredient to make live-in relationships work. Always see the positive side of your partner rather than complaining or fighting over his or her bad habits. Since nobody is perfect we can’t expect others to be flawless.

  • Spend Some Time Apart: It is true that you have decided to wake up in your lover’s arms everyday and spend maximum time with him or her. At the same time don’t forget to give each other a break or a breathing space. Neither partners should dictate terms to each other. It is important to remember that you are two individuals living under the same roof and make it a point to stick to your individuality. Don’t ignore yourself!

  • Don’t Share Your Secrets: Many people will be curious about your relationship, especially in a country like ours, where live-ins are still a taboo. Many might ask you about your very intimate or personal equation with your partner or your decision to get married. Don’t reveal the minute details of your relationship to anybody. Keep your secrets password protected as Anushka Sharma told to Virat Kohli in a popular commercial.

  • Make Long-Term Plans Together: Making future plans together about say buying a house, starting a new business together or say planning the wedding together will keep the motivation levels very high, it will also deepen your relationship and make it super strong. It is a great way to seal a long term bond.

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Most important advice is never stop saying ‘I love you’ everyday and spend quality time with each other. The more time you give to the relationship it will bloom and blossom. Live-In relationship is a way to find out your compatibility levels with your partner. Don’t work too hard on the relationship, but at the same time take it really seriously!!

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