Chinese censors in full swing to defend President Xi’s dream

Social media websites like Weibo and WeChat has been blocking content (Image Source - BBC).

The ruling party of China, Communist Party of China (CPC) has proposed to amend the constitutional rule which sets the cap on President’s term to two terms of five years each. This proposal has set the Chinese people engage into discussions on online social media-media platforms, which is being gravely controlled and checked by the government censors.

The state owned news agency Xinhua reported on the proposed constitutional amendment which President Xi Jinping has been pushing for. China’s parliament, National People’s Congress will discuss the move next week most likely. Once the Congress approves of the amendment, it ensures that President Xi can continue to be in power even after his second term ends in 2023.

The idea has had mixed responses from different segments; the State affiliations are endorsing the idea whereas the public in large seems to be skeptic. China Daily, an English-language daily newspaper, partly owned by CPC says the amendment “has been necessitated by the need to perfect the Party and the State leadership system”.

Li Datong, former editor of China Youth Daily, state owned newspaper expressed his displeasure by way of circulating a letter online. Urging the Chinese masses to speak against the move, he wrote “lifting the term limits of national leaders will be ridiculed by civilised nations all over the world and also sow the seeds of chaos for China,” in his letter. However, people were unable to share screenshots on WeChat (messaging app) as the content was blocked. The discussion continued on Weibo website (similar to Twitter) where people expressed their anger against the amendment and the censoring of content- mainly words like “diagree.”

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China Digital Times which is based outside China but covers Chinese news compiled a list of words banned by Free Weibo (China’s Twitter). ‘Winnie the Pooh’,’Constituion rules’,’emigration’,’I don’t agree’,’I oppose’, ‘Xi Zedong.’

(Source – The Hindu, BBC, The Guardian)

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