Get nostalgic on World Radio Day


    Remember those days, when if someone wanted to hear a song they either had to go out to buy a cassette or CD or had to turn on the radio sets, unlike today when we can download it whenever we want.

    Change is the only constant. And this change has led us to digital era from analog. People have access to anything and everything in fractions of a second.
    Today, from toys to the classroom, everything is becoming ‘Smart’.
    But you know, many times I feel that we 90s kids are lucky that our generation has witnessed somethings, which today’s generation won’t be able to experience.
    We have seen the transformation from newspaper to e-paper, transistor to mobile FM, letters to email and many more things.
    Recently, I gifted one of my friend a radio set. She always used to tell me about her childhood memories related to radio set in her home. I cannot express her reaction with words when she saw that radio set.
    After this, I realized that Radio has an ability to fill voids in people’s lives.
    For today’s generation, Radio (FM) is not more than an app on their phone. They hardly connect to it.
    Though, we have many options to access music but isn’t listening songs on the radio is something amazingly different?
    Listening to the radio with family when it rains doubles the fun and happiness.
    For me, it’s like the beautiful memory of my childhood, which is very close to my heart. My grandfather, who was a farmer, always used to carry the transistor with him to the fields.
    Not only he, but most farmers are fond of listening to the radio not only for entertainment purpose but also because they can listen to various informational programs on agriculture.
    My love for radio turned into the passion when I got an opportunity to work with the community radio station, Bol Hyderabad. Being a Radio Jockey ( RJ) is definitely a wonderful experience.
    Today, one can visit RJ’s profile on online portals or facebook. But, I remember the days when the voice used to be the only identity for RJs.
    Whenever I entered the studio and do live shows, I get nostalgic. I remember the stories that how people used to fall in love with RJ’s voice and don’t wanted to miss their shows at any cost. They used to write letters to their favorite RJs.
    But this is the digital age, where the lines between producers and consumers have been blurring out.
    Nowadays, anyone can come to the studio and do a show, if it interests them. Doing a show on radio is an amazing experience. And thanks to digital technology that common people can experience these things.

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