Iran: Women are arrested for protest against Headscarf



29 women have been arrested for appearing without the headscarf in public as a protest against compulsory dress code in force since 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Iranian media reported on Friday.

Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, the chief prosecutor has played down the escalation protest on Wednesday, saying they were ‘trivial’ and ‘childish’ moves possibly incited by foreigners, as stated in AFP.

11 women protesting the same way had been widely shared on social media and gained worldwide attention.

Montazeri said those floating “hijab” rules — which require headscarves and modest clothing — must have been encouraged by outsiders, as told to AFP.

Soheila Jolodarzadeh, a female member of the Iranian parliament, said the protests were the result of longstanding restrictions. “They’re happening because of our wrong approach,” she said, according to the semi-official Ilna news agency, As mentioned in The Guardian.

As tweeted by Golnaz, journalist for REF/RL tweeted the pictures of Headscarf campaign

 There have been campaigns going previously like ‘The Stealthy Freedom’, an online movement initiated by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian born journalist, and US-based activist. It has also inspired women to fight for their rights.


(Inputs from AFP)

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