‘Kanyadaan’ by a Single mother is challenging Patriarchial Society

Source: TBI

Why we should always see the marriage as a typical wedding conducted by some set of norms and rituals. The story of Raji challenges the everyone’s thoughts. 

Kanyadaan always has been a practice done in Hindu marriage as a ritual performed by the father of the bride or male of the family giving the bride to the groom, but what if you see a mother doing this ritual?

Source: TBI

Isn’t it a challenge to the patriarchal society we live in, people don’t have thought about this even hailing from a well educated or say so-called society.

A single mother Raji Sharma, a single mother who stepped away to give her daughter’s(Sandhya) hand to the groom, people were amazed by this step taken by Raji and broke all the conventions to perform the ritual of Kanyadaan.

Source: varunsuresh.com

“When Sandhya wanted to have a Hindu Brahmin wedding, the one thing I was worried about was Kanyadaan. In my daughter’s case, I wanted to take on the father’s role, but I didn’t know if my family would support my decision, or if I could even find a priest who would do it,” recalls Raji as mentioned in The Better India.

Family members accepted the decision of Raji with open arms and cool minded.

Raji says :

“They told me that as I have been both her mother and her father throughout her life, there was no question that I should be one who performs the Kanyadaan,”

The next move of the family was to find a priest who doesn’t have any question about this unconventional wedding, and they search came to Raghavan, who conducted the ceremony and had no fear from doing so.

The person at right, Raghavan, the priest who conducted the marriage rituals Source: varunsuresh.com

Raji hailed from the family who has been settled in Chennai, then she moved Sydney after her marriage. After 17 years and two kids Sandhya(Bride) and Mahesh, she started her new life after divorce.

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