Progressive yet hypocrite society


    In this 21st century, people have developed in many ways. With the technological and economic changes, there is a change in people’s thinking as well. People have broadened their thinking.  But, for some people, this change led them to be Hypocrite only. Their actions do not show us what their words say. Even though they rant gender equality all the time but whenever you raise a voice they say “Ye Dekho feminist”.

    It is our society only, who always crushes a woman’s spirit. Women are not allowed to take major decisions and expected to give up everything without their choice. Recently, during my fieldwork for a college project, I asked a woman (Lady Conductor) to give an interview, she reverted by saying “I really want to but I have to ask my husband first.”  It made me think that why a working woman has to ask her husband for permission, to give just an interview. But yes, this is not something new, right.  This is how our society works for women. From their clothes to what a woman will do, all decided by the social norms.

    No doubt, there is a change in the situation. Not fully, but to some extent, girls are getting freedom in terms of clothing, study etc. But the thinking of people is still shallow. We do have a choice of wearing what we like. Yet, there are people, who will make you feel that something is wrong with your dressing. The story doesn’t end here. There are a number of pre-notions regarding women. Like, a woman’s success is because of her looks, not because of her intelligence and hard work.

    Every guy with her is ‘tagged’ as her boyfriend and smoking and drinking suddenly decides her character. If she stays away from her home, people bombard her with questions like how your parents have allowed you to stay so far alone.

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    We have done so much progress in scaling heights, still, the society for women never change because of some patriarchal notions of people. I wonder when the time will come that a girl does not have to think twice before doing what they want to do and with whom they want to go out. I just hope that the opinion of people will also do some progress in the coming time and they will preach what they teach.


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