Telangana: CM, K Chandrasekhar Rao to take forward the crop production on bigger scale

    Image Source: DC

    Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao in the meeting with its Ministers, MPs and senior officials at Pragathi Bhavan asked them to take the issues regarding issues concerned with agriculture, reservation, Mission Bhagirathi etc in Parliament, this meeting was in the speculation to Union Budget.

    He also focused on the formation of farmer’s coordination committees who can take responsibility for marketing crops and getting MSP(Minimum Selling Price). He said, that

    “The district-level farmers coordination committee members will find out what crop is cultivated to which extent and they will take responsibility of marketing the produce and getting the MSP.”

    As mentioned in Deccan Chronicle the CM also announced his plans to hold a massive farmers’ rally at Parade Ground in Secunderabad soon after constituting district-level farmers’ co-ordination council.

    “Farmers should bring in their paddy in a regulated manner to the markets and they will be guided by the Coordination Committees in this regard. If the paddy is not being sold in the market, the Coordination Committees will buy it. Also, the Markfed responsibilities should be redefined against the backdrop of the Farmers Coordination Committees. The Coordination Committees should play a key role in eliminating all the problems of the farm sector,” the Chief Minister added.

    He has also said that they have formed the district-level council and advised mandal councils to take care of MSP from next season.

    (Inputs from ANI news)

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