These Bhojpuri Songs will break your notion of ‘vulgarity’


Bhojpuri Cinema industry has been able to mark its place on the national and international level. Although the Bhojpuri language is considered as ‘Dehaati’ or ‘rustic’ way of speaking, Bhojpuri cinema is critically representing the rural and urban spaces.

Whenever you talk about Bhojpuri songs or films, people say its vulgar, overrated and stereotyping women. But there are people working on its revival of original Bhojpuri content.

Deswa, Bhojpuri film which was supposed to be released in 2011 but didn’t get a screen for its release, therefore director Nitin Neera Chandra released it on Youtube in Dec,17.

Image: News18

Nitin Neera Chandra who has been also involved in youtube channel ‘Bejod’ previously NeoBihar and other singers like Devi who has been producing songs which will break your notion of vulgarity and will give you feel of authentic Bhojpuri songs.

Here are the songs which we have packed for you

1) Aalu Becha :

This song was released on Mother Tongue Day,2018, in this song they have packed different people singing core of lyrics situated in different places.

2) Aapna Chautha class k Drawing Book:

Shot under Champaran Talkies Production house, sung by Sia Singh, this song revives the childhood of the people who have especially lived in Bihar or nearby places.

3) Jag Ja Re Sugna:

“Ja Ja re Sugna” is one of the classics of Bhojpuri from the film “Laagi Naahi Chutney Raamaa”. Sung by greats like Lata Mangeshkar and Talat Mahmood. The song was composed by legend Shri Chitragupt Ji and written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.



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