Unheard truths of Piyush Mishra ; A Maestro


    Parichay mumkin nahi, na hi unhe pasand hai. Dosto me ‘Piyush Bhai’ or students me ‘ Sir’. 1983-2003 tak Delhi me theatre kiya. Aajkal Mumbai Cinema me vyast hain, iss ummed ke sath ki badlav vaha bhi hoga”.

    Piyush Mishra was born on January 13,1963 in Gwalior. From childhood only his life has been a roller coaster ride.

    He was adopted by his ‘Bua’ (Father’s sister). He always shared a strained relationship with his legal mother. And his terms with his father were also not good.

    He is that person “ Jiske baare me jitna jaano utna kam hai “.  Listed below are some of the unheard things about Piyush Mishra.

    He has been an Inspiration to all. His has seen so many ups and down in his life.
    There was a time in his life when he drowned himself into alcohol and became a womanizer but he overcame from that phase of life and is rising high now.
    He is master of all trades, a writer, poet, singer, music composer, music director, script writer and actor.
    He is best at whatever he do.