10 Best Documentaries TO Watch On This Weekend


There is this old saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t it”. Documentaries proves this right. In the last several years, documentary filmmaking has enjoyed an upgrade in the interest of the people.

Below is the list of some of the best and intriguing documentaries which will make you stick to your screens. Here is the list ;

1) A Certain Kind Of Death

In this, the filmmakers ask a very simple and intriguing question: what happens to a dead person’s body if they have no next of a kin?

2) This Is Zodiac Speaking

It is about an unsolved high profile murder mystery in the U.S. It is about the 7 murders in California between 1968-1969. The documentary provides us the factual base and lets us come up with our own beliefs.

3) Trapped

Trapped by Dawn Porter, follows the employees of two abortion clinics in Texas and Alabama and focuses on TRAP laws.


4) The Silent Abuse

This documentary by Al Jazeera investigates the plight of Rohingya Refugees. It talks about their denied rights, citizenship and the conflict between Myanmar’s ethnic minorities and ruling Burmese majority.

5) Icarus

This Oscar awarded documentary is about Doping in sports. Dirty urine, unexplained deaths and Olympic gold all are a part of the exposure of this biggest scandal in sports.

6) Blackfish

It is about a killer whale that has taken various lives. It investigates problems in sea-park industry and man’s relationship with nature. It also tells us that how little has been learned about these intelligent mammals.


7) White Helmets

White Helmets is about the rescue operation heroes, who put their lives on edge to help people amidst the violence in Syria and Turkey. It also got Oscar for the best documentary short subject.

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8) The Woman Who Was Not There

How much can one lie about something very terrible? It is about a woman Tania Head, who lost her husband in 9/11 but somehow saved her life. But, the tables turn when we got to know that Tania was actually Alicia and she was not even in the New York when this attack happen.

9) A Brief History Of Time

Directed by Errol Morris, this documentary is about the extraordinary life of Dr. Stephen Hawking.


10) 13th

The title refers to the 13th amendment in constitutional laws, which abolished slavery in the U.S “except as a punishment for crime.” It explores racial equality and focuses on the fact that every U.S’s prison is filled with African-Americans.

Enjoy while digging up the facts with these documentaries.


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