SATO, a toilet solution caters to the basic need of safe and clean sanitation


Even today, whenever I go out the first thing I am concerned about is ‘ Proper Sanitation Facility’.

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In India, 63 million women, still struggle every day for their right to safe sanitation.

The absence of clean and safe toilets is a threat to women. Unlike men, they can’t ‘Pee’ in the open and have to go through unsafe routes to answer nature’s call. Also, it is very embarrassing for women and girls to defecate in open and increases the risk of assault.

The Lack of sanitary toilets is the reason why young girls stop going to school when they attain puberty.

And this issue is not only limited to rural areas, but also a major concern in peri-urban regions.

To overcome this problem, a global organization is working on building safer and hygienic sanitation models for women in India.

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SATO, is one of its kind innovative toilet solutions. It is the first model created with funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It was launched in October 2017 in India and has already installed 30000 units. It reduces the amount of water uses per flush by 80% and also fights with bad odor and clogging.

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This toilet solution caters to the basic need of clean and hygienic sanitation of women and also bring to our notice that safe and clean toilets are mandatory for every household across the country.

And SATO also has been employing its technology in other 13 countries across the globe.

This video about SATO was launched on this women’s day to create an awareness and is talking about their right to Privacy, Dignity, and Safety.

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