Different types of Holi celebrations all over India

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“Holi ke din dil khil jate hain, rango me rang mil jate hain”

India is a diverse country where in each street; one can find different cultures and traditions. Holi is a festival of colors. People forget all their woes and celebrate it with an open heart. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil and marks the coming of spring. And Holi is celebrated differently in different states of India. Have a look, how it is celebrated in various ways.

1) Lathmar Holi

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Lathmar Holi is the most famous & oldest celebration in India. It has a really different approach to Holi festival and finds its roots in Hindu Mythology. In this tradition, women are armed with lathis (stick) to hit men and boys, and the men also come prepared with a ‘dhal’ (shield) to protect themselves. The men, who are caught by women are made to dress like women and the best part is that all of this is done in a playful manner.

2) Yavsang

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It is a Manipuri style of Holi. In this tradition, the hut made of hay & twigs is burned, followed by traditional folk dance and worshipping Lord Krishna. People put gulal (color) on each other and vibrant processions taken around the cities.

3) Baithaki Holi

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Also known as Khadi Holi is celebrated in Uttarakhand. It includes people in their traditional clothes, singing and dancing on folk tunes around the city in groups.

Moreover, Holi is a day of music, fun, and joy for the Uttarakhand people.

4) Hola Mohalla

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In Punjab, Holi is the celebration of the bravery of Sikh Worriers. It is celebrated a day after Holi and includes a display of traditional martial arts followed by music and dancing.

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5) Shimga or Rang Panchami

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In Maharashtra, Holi is known as Rang Panchmi. The celebration involves Holika Dahan, lighting firewood on the night and play with colors on the following day. The celebration is a week-long with the spirit of win of good over evil.

6) Ukuli or Manjal Kuli

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Holi is not celebrated more in southern India but God’s own country, Kerala has its own version of Holi. People put turmeric to each other. It is more prevalent amongst the konkani & kudumbi communities.

7) Shigmo

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It is vibrantly celebrated in Goa including traditional dances, nukkad performances and colorful processions apart from playing abeer.

8) Phaguwa

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In Bhojpuri dialect, Holi is called, ‘Phaguwa’. Here also celebrations start with Holika Dahan. On the next day morning, people play with colors. In the evening, people dress up and wish each other by singing folk songs.

9) Dol Jatra

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Also known as, Basant Utsav. It makes the onset of spring. Women dress in yellow color which resembles the color of prosperity. In this, a procession of an idol of Lord Krishna is taken out on roads with folk music and playing with colors. Shantiniketan in Bolpur is the centre of attraction, where the festival is celebrated with utmost and unmatched joy.

 Happy Holi to all!!!!

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