Exam pressure takes one more life, Class 12 student commits suicide


It is 10 and 12 Board exam time and the exam stress on students is taking a toll on their lives.

A class 12th student ended his life in Mohali on Wednesday i.e 7 March 2018.


Karanvir Singh, a 17-year-old student hanged himself with a ceiling fan at his grandparent’s house. He also left a suicide note stating;

” I am sorry I could not live up to your expectations and for not being able to fulfill your dreams. I love my grandparents the most and please do take good care of them.”

The boy was very upset with his performance in Physics exam, as he was not able to do three questions of three marks each.

He was an intelligent and meritorious student and has scored 90% in his pre-boards.

But, this is not the very first time when marks took an innocent life.

According to National Crime Records Bureau 2015 every hour, one student commits suicide in India.

And Karanvir, once again left us with the same question which is haunting us from years,   ” Are marks really important than someone’s life? “

There are some things which parents should keep in mind other than marks ;

  • Help them in maintaining their daily routine.
  • Talk to them about their preparation but do not press them too much.
  • Take utmost care of their food.
  • Make sure they sleep at least 6 hours every day.
  • Let them know that you will support them in any situation.



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