Meet the ‘Casteless’ family of India.


    This family from Kerala has a house with  nameplate as ‘Casteless house’ written in Malayalam .

    “Hi my name is Casteless Junior” he says having a witty smile on his face also his elder brother name is Casteless and younger sister, Shine Casteless.

    This unique family resides in Punalur municipality in Kollam almost 60 kilometres from capital of state, Kerala.

    Casteless Junior talking to story infinity said

    Both our parents come from highly orthodox families of their respective religions. In fact, when my mother’s family knew about her relationship with my father, they put her under ‘house arrest’. My father had to file a Habeas Corpus petition at the Kerala High Court in order to secure her release.

    After couples reunion they didn’t get married and lived together for 19 years without doing any ritual or any marriage certificate.

    They chose to get registered in 1992 because of family property which their children can inherent them, under Special Marrige Act they registered.

    When all their three children Casteless, Casteless Junior and Shine Casteless got married they didn’t follow any ritual, dowry, priest. They were registered under Special Marrige Act.

    “We had made our stand clear to our prospective partners much ahead of time, and they all simply agreed,” says Casteless Junior.


    Image : The News Minute

    Casteless lives in Dubai with his wife and two children named, Alpha Casteless and Indian Casteless.

    Casteless Junior

    Casteless Junior married a Hindu girl, Rajalekshmi, the couple has two daughters named ‘Agna Casteless Junior’ and ‘Alpha Casteless Junior’. Casteless Junior is now a member of Pundur Bar Association.

    Shine Casteless

    Shine Casteless is a teacher by profession and also pursuing Phd, married to an entrepreneur who lives abroad named Cheguvare. Couple has a daughter named Aleida Cheguvare.

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    They didn’t follow the Casteless as surname because it was their personal choice not as a public concern.

    (Inputs from The News Minute)

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