Putin is confident of winning upcoming presidential election in Russia

Image: AFP

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be confident enougH, as he promised “Victories” for Russia in a star-studded rally which was attended by lakhs of supporters ahead of upcoming election.

Celebrities, prominent public figures, Olympic Athletes, scientists were seen in the rally, they also took stage for raising their support for Putin, who has been President since 2000.

He addressed crowd in Moscow’s Luzhkini stadium by saying that:

We want our country to be bright and looking to the future, for our children and grandchildren…we will do everything we can for them to be

Vladimir Putin addressing crowd. Image: AFP

Further he added that “Nobody else will do this for us. And if we do this, the coming decade and the whole 21st century will be marked by our bright victories.”

Whereas on Thursday, in his annual address he warned America that they have developed an ‘Invincible‘ nuclear weapon, also show footage of the nuclear weapon, he added in his speech that now they will say and everyone will listen.

Oscar winning director Nikita Mikhalkov said to AFP that “I do not see another candidate who could be our commander in chief. He’s the only one. Putin is our president.”

This was the first rally of Putin ahead of upcoming election and other seven candidates campaigning will be must watch as how they organise their campaign against 17 yr ruling President.

Putin denied of attending the Debate with other seven candidates on a television. He has won the election since 2000, last three times for in election and if he wins this year it will be fourth consecutive years of his win.

(Inputs from AFP)


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