Russian President Putin says that they have ‘invincible’ nuclear weapons

Image: TASS

Russian President, Vladimir Putin speaking to his lawmakers at his annual address he says, Russia has developed such nuclear weapons which is invulnerable to any enemy interference.

Speaking about the future of  the Russian military power he said targeting America, his country will not be ‘contained by warmongers’, also revealed the photo of the Intercontinental ballistic missile which he claimed ‘could reach anywhere in the world.’

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He showed a video during his speech through which he claimed that the Russian military is growing stronger and now the world will listen to them, will not say to them.

The Russian President, however, did not specify any of Moscow’s allies or cite any immediate threats. He affirmed that Russia had responded to the United States development of missile defense shields by developing its nuclear weapons resistant to any attack, The Washington Post reported.

He also added that :

We will consider any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or her allies as a nuclear attack on our country. Response will be instantaneous with all ensuing consequences.

He concluded the speech by saying that they have talked about nuclear weapons all throughout even the proposal is in effect and Russia is prepared for that.

The video was broadcasted on the Russian television and comes in public domain before three weeks of Russia’s Presidential election.

Putin has won the election since 2000, last three times for in election and if he wins this year it will be fourth consecutive years of his win.

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