Sikh’s Sewa for Syria Crisis ; Khalsa Aid, real life heroes


Syria crisis is getting worse day by day. The crisis is the reason for its citizens to become refugees in other neighbouring countries. Since 2011, Syria is going through this pain. The war is the result of a dispute between forces of President Bashar – Al – Asad government and the people who want to get rid of this government. Around 250,000 people have lost their lives in this war so far.

Many Voluntary organizations are coming up to help Syria in their Unfortunate days. One of them is Khalsa Aid. It is an International NGO, which is known for delivering humanitarian aid in areas, which are facing war and disaster. Khalsa Aid has come up to the rescue of the people of Syria by giving them Shelter, Food, and medical facilities.

The organization is founded by Ravinder Singh. It works on one principle ” Recognize the whole human race as one”

They also provide Langar Aid, which means emergency food and water supplies to affected areas.

And this is not the first time when Khalsa Aid has extended a hand for help. They also did rescue operations during Nepal Earthquake,  Sri Lanka Floods, Yemen Civil war and also provided relief during the Rohingya Refugee crisis.

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Sikhs are known for their generosity and they proved it again. These types of efforts restore our faith in Humanity.

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