‘The Nari Gunjan Sargam Mahila Band,’ 10 women drum band team is breaking the stereotype.

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    “The Nari Gunjan Sargam Mahila Band,” the team of 10 women drum band in Bihar is breaking the stereotype that only men can have the band team.

    Baraat in India is incomplete without band team on who’s drum beat the whole baraat follow the beat to their utmost energy level, mostly you must have seen man as the drummers but these women drummers are taking the so-called men’s job.

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    The all-women band team belongs to Mushahar community of Bihar residing in Dibhra, around 15 kilometers to the capital of the city.

    As mentioned in Firspost, Sita Ram Das, the eldest in women team says:

    I have lived through a time when Chamars like us were asked to sit separately. To enter a temple was not easy. But the drum band empowered us.

    Savita, Amita, Pancham, Sona, Manti, Chhatiya, Lalti, Bijanti, Domni, and Chitralekha are the 10 women who have been trained almost to 10 months and then formed all women drummers.

    This team was empowered by Sudha Verghese, Padma Shri awardee who’s NGO Nari Gunjan working for the Musahar community in Bihar.

    Sudha Verghese while receiving Padma Shri in 2004 Image: Milaap.org

    Aditya Gunjan Kumar, the man who traveled daily from Patna City to Dhibra to make them learn to drum, after which they started performing in ceremonies and weddings.

    The Mahila Band has also performed outside Bihar in Odisha during Dussehra, they even performed in the official invitation of Chief Minister of Bihar.

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    Nowadays there is hardly any when they are not booked and they earn Rs 1000- Rs 1200 per day. Anita says she delights in spending her earnings on good food and education for her children. “I can also buy saris for myself and nice clothes for the children,” she says, “things that were out of our reach just a few years ago,” stated in Firstpost.

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