Are journalists not safe in India?


Right from the Indira Gandhi emergency era to violence prior to Panchayat Elections in Bengal, journalists in India are not living in safe haven. According to the 2018 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the situation in India isn’t something which Indian journalists will be proud of. India has dropped from rank 136 to rank 138. The report categorically indicates cases concerning troll army of the right wing brigade and the killing of Journalist Gauri Lankesh.

he World Press Freedom Index measures  the level of Press Freedom in 180 countries. The parameters include the level of pluralism, media independence, environment and self censorship as well as legal framework, transparency and quality of infrastructure concerning production of news and information. No doubt, the traditional domain of Press has changed a lot as the virtual space now highlights a bigger sphere. India being a third country with a promising economy is witnessing a change too from the early 90’s of Television era. The advent of citizen journalism has changed the dimension of news and views altogether.

There is no denying the fact many of such reports or viewpoints are often agenda oriented but India has a lot to look at the case of transparent journalism. Paid news and fake news are indeed creating unwanted divide. Social media itself has become an open ‘news and views’ platforms but the perils of it are evident too. Media is considered to be an honest watchdog for any democracy, who os entrusted to look at from neutral point of view. There is certainly nothing as good or bad journalism but atrocities against journalists are something which cannot be accepted at any juncture of time.

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