Bloopers? Gaffes? Tripura CM Biplab Deb scoring too many own goals


When the BJP defeated the Communists a few months back in Tripura Assembly Election, much was expected from the saffron outfit. The Party came up with Biplab Kumar Deb as the chief minister of the state. Since then, Tripura has stepped into a new era but the chief minister has ensured that there will be enough comical stuff on his part to make national headlines every week. Call it bloopers or gaffes; Biplab Deb has been in the receiving end for his mistimed mistook shots from the pages of his political un-wisdom.

The gaffe legacy began with his remark on the Chabimura rock carvings by the Gomti river in the state which he compared to be better than the Amazon river basin with regard to its prospects in tourism. During a regional workshop on computerization and reforms in the public distribution, he made a mockery of his historical knowledge. He claimed that internet existed in India long before it was invented in the West and added that it was available in the age of Mahabharata. While speaking at the Tripura Central University, the young chief minister of Tripura also claimed that Chanakya taught at Nalanda and also Taxila. That wasn’t enough! Earlier this month in an event in Agartala Town Hall, he claimed that Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang who visited in the ancient times was a journalist.

Controversy isn’t leaving her anymore as Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Mitra remarked that Diana Hayden wasn’t Indian enough to be ‘Miss World’ in 1994 whereas Aishwariya Rai was deserving of the title, because she ‘represents’ Indian women. No doubt, his insensitive remark on this definitely garnered stiff criticism from all quarters and his ‘stupid, sexist and communal’ remarks didn’t go down well within the ranks of BJP as well. The latest addition to his gaffe-shop has been his remark on civil services. As stupid as one can be, he remarked that if civil engineers enter civil services, they can help with construction projects, whereas mechanical engineers will not be able to do so. Interestingly, he made this remark while addressing a gathering during the Civil Service Day. He event went on to take names of Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev while referring to civil service examination.

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There is no denying the fact that Biplab Kumar Deb is fast becoming the comic script writer of BJP. In no way, a person entrusted with a constitutional position, is expected to make such senseless, stupid remarks. If he fails to change himself in the coming days, BJP may need to change the chief minister in the days to come.


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