Congress fails Indian Judiciary with impeachment call


The desperation of Congress and other opposition political parties is clearly evident in the recent sequence of events. They were looking for a ray of hope in the Justice Loya case but the Supreme Court bench clearly mentioned that there is nothing suspicious regarding the death of Justice Loya. In view of such, seven opposition parties led by Congress launched an unprecedented campaign to impeach Supreme Court CJI Dipak Misra, in a bid to create pressure on the Judiciary to give verdict in favour of their political stance. There is no denying the fact Congress and other opposition parties don’t stand a chance to impeach the CJI but the manner and motive of the whole idea is indeed shameful and a bad precedence for the Judiciary of the nation as well. The way the opposition parties have been looking to create faction within Supreme Court is shameful to say the least. One can definitely remember the press conference in January when four Supreme Court Judges questioned the manner of functioning of judiciary.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley criticized the opposition parties for such opportunistic stance. He said,”The Congress Party and its friends have started using impeachment as a political tool. It is a revenge petition after the falsehood of the Congress Party has been established in the Justice Loya death case. It is an attempt to intimidate a judge and send a message to other judges, that if you don’t agree with us, 50 MPs are enough for a revenge action.” The opposition partied claimed that the impeachment motion is not directed in reference to the Justice Loya murder case. Lawmakers of Congress, SP, BSP, NCP, CPM, CPI, UML signed the notice for impeachment. At present, within the Congress too, there isn’t any unity about this drastic opportunist step. Veteran politicians from the party consider it to be a harakiri. Senior Congress leader and former minister Salman Khurshid remarked,”I am not in the loop. I share two worlds – Parliament and law – for me outright conflict and clash between the two is the saddest. I have nothing to say except express my sadness..”

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Although the opposition parties have high hopes on the impeachment saga, they don’t the numbers to back such move and motive. Under Article 124(4), to impeach support of a majority of the total membership of each house is required which rounds off to no less than two thirds of the members of that House. Both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the opposition parties don’t have the support and the motion is expected to die down in the coming months when it is introduced in the houses of Parliament.


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