Congress shamed Indian Judiciary in Justice Loya case


Winning or losing a case in the Court is part of democracy. Often in case of political parties, verdicts of some specific cases become ultimate symbols of power or prestige but at any cost, there is no reason to stoop down to a lower level. Unfortunately, the century old Congress Party has reached a new low with their discontent over the Justice Loya verdict in Supreme Court. They have been calling for foul play in the natural death of Justice Loya and have been trying to malign or defame Amit Shah without any substantial proof. The helplessness of the Congress Party was clearly evident as they went on to say that the Supreme Court judgement of the Justice Loya case is a ‘sad day in India’s history’.

Clearly it was evident that the Supreme Court verdict was not one of its choices. The ruling has been a huge embarrassment for Congress as well as Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi. In political circles, criticism of a specific verdict or judgement is common but the way Congress, left liberals, NGOs, pseudo democrats all being on the same side against the verdict clearly underlines the political aspiration behind the verdict. For the last few months, Congress has been trying hard to find an issue with the Justice Loya case but their failure to do so has been a case of great rejection as they are in false position to criticize Amit Shah of alleged corruption.

Interestingly, the specific act of Congress leaders and other psuedo left liberals in bullying the judges is indeed a bad precedence. Not only it creates great discomfort in the Judiciary but also calls for more introspection and restraint. Demanding a fair probe or trial is one aspect and calling a foul play just for the sake of controversy is another. The reality with Congress is, they are yet to find the right plot with Rahul Gandhi and the mishit with Justice Loya case is a reminder to that. Anyhow, Indian politics has witnessed a new low with Justice Loya case and Congress and other political parties are to be blamed for this.

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