CPM decides to hold Congress hands for Lok Sabha elections in 2019


Discussion, debate, controversy – these three things have become common to CPM in all these years. Although they have become a political minority in India, they are always juggling with their own opportunistic stances to get maximum personal benefit. Thus the CPM decision to support the Congress comes as no surprise to seasoned politicians and political observers. On the three day long 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of India in Hyderabad, the CPM members finally adapted to the Sitaram Yechury line of action. During the central committee meeting held in Kolkata in January this year, Sitaram Yechury was rather cornered by Prakash Karat and his associates. In fact, Sitaram Yechury’s line pushing for siding with Congress was defeated by 31 votes to 55. This time around, in changing scenario, Sitaram Yechury has got a political lifeline in CPM and that is truly reflected in final resolution adopted by the party as well. The red party removed the words ‘without having an understanding with the Congress Party’ and instead retained, ‘without having a political alliance with the Congress Party’ in the resolution.

The change in stance of CPM is of no great surprise either. Aftermath the heavy defeat of Manik Sarkar government in Tripura, CPM itself is facing a huge crisis. Barring Kerala, the party has lost its cadre dominated supporter base. Many party members even considered the decision to not send Sitaram Yechury in Rajya Sabha with Congress support as a Himalayan blunder. It is also clear from CPM that the party is not at all in a position to become a dark horse ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections scheduled next year. In West Bengal, where the Communist outfit was in power for more than three decades, is in dire state amidst rising graph of BJP as main opposition against Mamata Banerjee’s TMC. The 2016 West Bengal Assembly Election was an eye opener from various aspects. Thus at present, Sitaram Yechury has been elected in his second term as the general secretary of the Communist outfit. He himself made it extremely clear saying, “This party Congress was for unity. We will strengthen the struggle of people and move forward. This battle will be fought on the basis of alternative politics of the Left. We have to defeat the BJP – that is our first task.

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Inside the closed quarters of CPM the change is quite evident. This is the first time that a draft political resolution approved by the central committee has been amended. Although Prakash Karat’s wife Brinda Karat publicly didn’t acknowledge the change in paradigm shift within CPM, still it is clear that Prakash Karat is definitely not having the best time. With power only in Kerala, CPM is looking forward to an alliance on 28 other states of the country. The Pinarayi Vijayan group in Kerala is well aware of the changing trend. The outcome of next year’s election is definitely going to be a vastly important one for CPM, the party which is desperately looking back to winning ways.


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