Gunman kills four in Nashville Waffle House in US


Yet another case of shooting took lives in US today. This time around, a naked gunman has killed four people at a Waffle house in Nashville in the US state of Tennessee. The local police has released a photo of the rifle taken from the gunman, which appears to be AR-15. This sort of gun is commonly used by mass shooters in the US. Even in the Las Vegan shooting in last October or in the Florida school attach, this specific rifle was used by the shooters.

The gunman, identified as Travis Reinking, 29, from Illinois, burst into the restaurant which is in the suburb of Antioch, open fired with AR – 15, a semi automatic rifle. 29 year old James Shaw Jr. wrestled the gun from the shooter and certainly saved so many lives. The Metro Nashville Police Department is carrying on through search operation to nab the suspect. He was last seen walking south on Murfreesboro Pike. He hasn’t got a clean record. He was arrested last year for entering a restricted area near the White House. The police has also said that the gunman was naked except for a green jacket, which he shed as he left the scene of the attack.

Whether it is a possible terror attack or not, needs further detailed search. It would be easier to verify once the fugitive is caught. Anyhow, this incident is another stark reminder of the existing gun culture in US.


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