India a step ahead in UK Court to extradite Vijay Mallya


The Westminster Magistrate’s court in London has admitted of accepting evidence from the Indian government against Vijay Mallya which can be vital in extradition of the long term loan defaulter and fraudster. The closing submission in the extradition trial is scheduled on July 11 this year. Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot remarked, “Everything is in except for LLP. I am content on admissibility if it is covered by a statement from an officer.”

Vijay Mallya’s lawyer Ben Watson has 10 days to respond to statements submitted by Mark Summers QC, who is representing the government of India. Mark Summers QC has submitted evidence highlighting the role of IDBI Bank depty manager director B. K. Batra. Thus he specifically remarked.”Mr Batra is portrayed as a villain who has  made some money out of it apparently. The conspiracy notes set out inferences I can draw. I am not sure whether Batra got any money. But if there are corrupt people involved and money has gone into their account, it’s not relevant.”

No doubt, the Narendra Modi government is closely looking into the court proceedings and is hopeful that they can extradite Vijay Mallya in the coming days. Anyhow, the high profile is more complex that it seems so. If India can extradite Vijay Mallya before the Lok Sabha elections scheduled next year, the Modi government can definitely have a credible stance on fight against corruption.


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