Is AAP caught on the wrong foot again with cancellation of legal advisors?


Ever since coming to power in Delhi, the Arvind Kerjriwal government has opted blame game against central government. This thing has increased ever since BJP has come to power in the centre. The AAP has been guilty of taking wrong stances which are legally faulty. This time around, the central government has sacked those nine advisors who were all appointed by the Delhi state government. Although AAP has termed the whole decision to be a political one, questions have arrived whether the decision to appoint the advisors were legal or not. The whole issue merely appeared to be cheap political stunt and AAP has yet again mocked themselves only with shameless politics.

The order issued by MHA clearly mentions, “Services under the NCT of Delhi is a subject reserved for central government as per the constitution. Therefore, creation of posts by Delhi cabinet for accommodating these appointees is void ab-initio, being done by an agency not competent under the law to do so.” Let’s not forget that the appointees are not in the list of posts approved for the ministers and the chief minister. And no further approval was taken from the central government to create those posts either which is a direct violation of existing law. No doubt, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is yet again under public scrutiny.

There is no denying the fact that Delhi is definitely becoming an interesting epicenter of political events. Ahead of Lok Sabha elections next year, both AAP and BJP are engaged in battle of words and accusations. But Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has himself to be blamed for the present scenario. From BJP’s perspective it is to be seen whether they can utilize the situation to their political mandate which they have failed as of now.

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