Is an alliance between BJP and AIADMK too imminent in Tamil Nadu politics?


Before going into permutations and combinations and pre poll alliances with regional parties, BJP is exploring at all possibilities which can benefit the saffron outfit in true sense of the term. In the South, BJP is carefully gauging possibilities in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The political situation in the state has changed dramatically in the last few years. Especially after Jayalalithaa’s demise, the equations have changed and the state politics is going through a transition. Anyhow, BJP and AIADMK have come closer more than ever before. Very recently in its Tamil mouthpiece ‘Namadhu Purutachi Thalaivi Amma’ , AIADMK mentioned, “Whatever be the number of protests and demonstrations, no one can sever the ties between the AIADMK and the BJP’. Side by side, they have also mentioned, “The signs are (increasingly) becoming visible for the AIADMK and the BJP to work like a double-barreled gun in Indian politics. The pathway is clear. A roadmap for it should be thrashed out by the high commands of both the parties. That is the need of the hour.”

In the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, Tamil Nadu politics will witness so many stakeholders to the future of the political discourse. No doubt, it is not going to be a cakewalk for AIADMK either as party rebel Dhinakaran is already giving some tough days. Side by side, DMK and Congress are also not missing out any opportunity. Altogether, an alliance between BJP and AIADMK looks promising and the election mandate would be interesting considering the political flare ups. In all probability, BJP doesn’t have the firepower on its own to make an upset in Tamil Nadu. Although Superstar Rajanikanth is inclined towards BJP there is still no guarantee whether he and Kamal Hassan are going to participate in hard-core election. This makes very little options for BJP also. When BJP played the role of a negotiator during EPS and OPS merger, it became very evident that BJP is trying to stabilize AIADMK in best interests of the saffron outfit.

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Amidst the persistent Cauvery protests by other regional parties in the state, AIADMK hasn’t deviated from the stance of supporting BJP. Thus the AIADMK assertion is definitely open a new possibility in the history of Tamil Nadu politics. With AIADMK’s help, BJP can definitely look forward to a new era in Tamil Nadu.


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