The politics in West Bengal is certainly looking murkier than ever before. For the first time in the political history of Bengal, BJP is going into a direct tussle against the ruling TMC. Although TMC Supremo aka the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has her ambition set in Delhi next year, the party is currently facing stiff opposition from the saffron outfit. From the Ram Navami controversy to the campaigning of Panchayat Elections, the political heat in West Bengal is already raging up. Interestingly, both Congress and CPIM look bewildered in the changing circumstances. Statistically, out of 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal, 40 are not within the urban domain and are integrally proving to be important in the Panchayat Elections. Although the BJP called for postponing the dates for filing nomination, there has been no change whatsoever. Although the Panchayat Elections are held under state administration, still, ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections next year the definitive trend can be easily pointed out. After the miraculous victory of BJP in Assembly Elections in Tripura, BJP is certainly pinning high hopes in Bengal under Dilip Ghosh and Mukul Roy.

When the Left government became almost invincible in their own backyard in Bengal, the opposition parties assembled to form some sort of grand alliance which was first propounded by Congress stalwarts like Gani Khan Chowdhury. The way TMC has been retaliating with their violent ways in Panchayat Election campaign, another grand alliance between BJP, CPIM, and Congress is becoming imminent. Out of 42,000 seats in the Panchayat election, TMC currently has superior advantage over BJP and other political parties even after considerable social media bashing. Unfortunately for BJP, the Delhi government has decided to take a cautious approach and thus it would be more of a twist to see how do Congress and BJP react to the outcome of the Panchayat Elections in the next month.

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Seasoned politicians won’t miss the mark that both BJP and TMC are at crossroads right now. On one hand, BJP under mastermind Amit Shah is exploring the possible avenues through which BJP can become a formidable force in Bengal and increase their overall vote share whereas TMC is looking forward to toppling the  Congress and become the kingmaker in Delhi. The Panchayat Elections thus stands as a dress rehearsal for the Lok Sabha elections scheduled next year. In the recent poll results, although TMC emerged victorious quite convincingly, BJP has managed to increase their vote percentage to a considerable extent. On the other hand, TMC has stressed on building a cadre like structure like the earlier Communist Parties to suit the need. The Raniganj riots highlighted the vulnerability of the state to communal issues. Still, BJP has a long way to go if they have a long-term ambition of winning in the Assembly Elections in West Bengal.

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