Is US planning an attack against Syrian forces?


The next two days are going to be very important for Syria as there are chances that US may launch an attack on President Assad’s forces. The alleged chemical attack on the innocent Syrians has angered the US. According to Syrian-American Medical Society, more than 500 people in Douma, which is in the Eastern Ghouta region of Syria, have been admitted with symptoms similar to chemical attack. It is estimated that more than 60 people have been killed in this barbaric attack already. No doubt, according to various accounts, the number is going to increase once rescue operations are completed. This alleged chemical attack has irked the European countries. Both the France and UK governments have strongly condemned the chemical attack on the Syrian rebels.

At White House today, US President Donald Trump said, “I’d like to begin by condemning the heinous attack on innocent Syrians with banned chemical weapons. It was an atrocious attack, it was horrible, you don’t see things like that as bad as the news is around the world, you just don’t see those images. We are very concerned when a thing like that can happen, this is about humanity. We’re talking about humanity. And it can’t be allowed to happen.” Even US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hasn’t ruled out measured attack against the Assad forces.

Meanwhile, Russia has affirmed that there is no evidence of chemical attack in Syria’s rebel-held town Douma. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov seemed confident and this is definitely going to complicate the existing scenario and escalate tensions between Russia and USA. Sergei Lavrov categorically remarked, “Our military specialists have visited this place, along with representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent.. and they did not find any trace of chlorine or any other chemical substance used against civilians.” According to Russian authorities, military operations had been halted in Douma. The Syrians and Russian authorities have decided into an evacuation deal with the rebels of Jaish al-Islam rebels. Whether this can be termed as President Assad’s military success or not is a trivial question. Nevertheless, pro-Assad forces have taken control of the Eastern Ghouta, which is a significant achievement for them since the fall in Aleppo two years back.

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