Kathua Rape Horror : Is Judiciary failing India or the society at large?


The entire nation is now lamenting in grief. The horror which 8-year-old Asifa faced has shamed India and the Judiciary as well.  It is no less shame than losing a war to Pakistan or losing a cricket world cup final in MS Dhoni’s last international match.  What the rapists did to Asifa is unbearable, inhuman to say the least. On January 17, she was held captive, starved, sedated and repeatedly raped inside a temple in Jammu & Kashmir’s Kathua district. The 15-page charge sheet which has been filed by the Jammu & Kashmir’s crime branch in Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court, underlined the gang rape to be a planned strategy to defame and dominate the minority nomadic Bakherwal community in the Kashmir Valley. Similar to the infamous gang rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey, there is a minor involved in this case too.

Thankfully, Union Minister Vicky Singh has remarked on this matter, “We have failed Asifa as humans. But she will not be denied justice.” Whether Asifa will get justice or not is in serious doubt as political equations are involved in this case. Jitendra Singh of BJP, who represents Kathua, tried to safeguard the rapists saying,” Those who have not done anything wrong should be given justice.” In this specific case, two policemen even tried to help the accused by manipulating the evidence intentionally. Shockingly, one of the rapists is a student who came from Meerut to UP to Kashmir to satisfy his ‘lust’. No doubt, this incident is a shame to humanity at large. Although VK Singh was in no-nonsense mode with this, Foreign Minister Chaudhary Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga attended an event organized by Hindu Ekta Manch, which called for safeguarding the culprits who were responsible for this heinous crime.

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At present, #JusticeForAsifa and #RapeAndMurderOfHumanity are trending online. Not only are common people, but also, celebrities, social workers coming in front for justice. This incident will definitely not help BJP in the days to come. In greater interest of the country, it is important to ignore Asifa’s religion and ensure that we don’t relate to any such heinous barbaric incident to any Asifa or Jyoti is India.  Although heated discussions are going on social media whether death sentence or not, it is not at all easy to implement such. Unfortunately, in India, it is easier to hang someone who has any link to terrorist activities in Pakistan or other countries, but to hang someone for raping a woman is difficult. The biggest irony is, the entire nation knows Asifa and has seen her mutilated body but doesn’t remember the face of the rapists.

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