North Korea & South Korea comes together: Peace & No Nuclear Arms


In a remarkable day long summit, the leaders of North Korea and South Korea have committed themselves to complete denuclearization and peace across the Korean peninsula. South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his North Korean counterpart Kom Jong Un embraced planted a tree and talked more than half an hour. Both the Presidents promised a new era in their separate speeches. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un iterated that Koreas “will be united as one country”. No doubt, the political and diplomatic development definitely gives an opportunity to end enmity between two countries which began in 1950 when the North Korean People’s Army invaded the South Korea. No formal peace treaty was signed thereafter and the peninsular remained at war.


Leaders all over the world welcomed the development. Credit to South Korea for choreographing the meet but Kim Jong Un made the most dramatic moment by inviting his Southern counterpart by inviting to him to step in to North Korea. A symbolic tree planting ceremony took place in the DMZ. The contents of the conversation have not been disclosed. They both signed the agreement, putting an end to decades of conflict between the two neighbouring nations. Both the leaders agreed to keep communication, suspending all propaganda broadcasts and meeting again in Pyongyang in the fall. Nevertheless, denuclearization aspect of the whole accord has been a promising one and it remains to be seen how do US, China – the world powers look into it. The US President looked ecstatic and the whole sequence of events seems to be very encouraging for people living in the Korean peninsula.


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